Five Crucial Points to Remember When Shopping For a Rivet Nut Tool

If you have been using a manual rivet nut tool for a while and are considering making the transition to an automatic tool, you might not know how much it will improve your performance, speed and accuracy when fastening sheets of metal together. Professionals and people working on heavy duty jobs will derive the most benefit from an automatic tool. Here are the five most important factors we think you should consider before making your choice:

1. Comfort and Convenience Should come First

Automatic rivet but tools usually have ergonomically designed handles to maximize comfort when using the tool. This makes it easier to use and minimizes your chances of developing blisters or calluses over the course of a few hours. It also provides an extra layer of safety, as a handle that is ergonomically designed is less likely to slip out of your grip when your hand gets sweaty.

2. Consider a Swiveling Air Inlet

This provides swift and efficient power in a safe way. It is an ideal feature for smaller rivet nuts, as it provides controlled air pressure while you are working.

3. Look at Pricing

Manual rivet nuts are usually more affordable, although someone who is less skilled may not be able to use it as easily as an automatic version. When comparing prices, make sure that you are also comparing like products and gauge what value you are getting for the money you spend.

4. Speed and Weight

If you need a rivet nut tool for work purposes and will be using it often, a faster tool will accelerate the pace of your work. Make sure it is not faster and heavier though, because they may get difficult for you to manage as the day goes on. If you are going to be using the tool for extended periods of time, a lighter weight model will be easier for you to manage. Balance the weight off against the quality, because sometimes very lightweight tools are simply not strong enough to withstand prolonged or continuous use.

5. Get Something Easy to Understand

While you want an advanced tool, something with more knobs and buttons than your computer is just going to confuse and probably be a waste of money. Let the person helping you know about your skill and experience level and make recommendations based on how much you are prepared to spend for your new tool.


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