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Since joining with BP Fastening Systems in the US, Blue Pneumatic and Ornit have been able to offer a broad range of multi-function fasteners suitable for manual applications and automatic assembly. Leading US manufacturers, Blue Pneumatic rivet fastening systems continue to be innovative designers, marketers and provide a variety of fastening solutions.

Structural and non-structural products are included in the Blue Pneumatic/Ornit online portfolio, featuring products that are designed to provide solutions to all application needs. When searching for high-quality fasteners needed for Industrial, Construction and Automotive applications, BPFS/Ornit's inventory of high quality fasteners are available for purchase 24/7 online.

Blue Pneumatic is in the business of creating value. Our growing product line consists of Rivet Nut tools, Riveters, Lockbolt tools and accessories. Our products are the result of careful market research to determine 'what the customer wants'. Our production techniques allow us to deliver extremely high-quality products at affordable prices. The value that we deliver gives more people than ever access to products like our Spin-Spin Rivet Nut tools. We specialize in products that increase production.The Lockbolt All-In-One BP-82E is great for installing Huck Bolts*. This Lockbolt / Rivet tool empowers the customer by offering great versatility. Get set up to install Huck Bolts* and Avdeloks* through our global distributor network. As an industry leader, our mission is to provide world class service. This means servicing our Rivet Tools, Lockbolt (Huck Bolt) installation tools, and Rivet Nut tools. We support all of our rivet tools with a complete selection of spare repair parts. Tool selection charts and tool parts breakdown parts lists are provided on this site.

Blue Pneumatic is the product of 34 years of imagination brought to life through technology.

Blue Pneumatic: The future is clear in specialty riveting tools.