Rivets with huge flange, Blind rivet style

Blue Pneumatic Fastening systems provides unique blind rivets.Orlock. These are not your fathers rivets. What if I told that you can get a rivet with these three things:
1.Blind Rivet
2.Stuctural with double locking feature.
3. Huge flange on the blind side.
Orlock can be used in blind applications that require great shear and tensile strength. The wide blind side flange allows you to join materials otherwise only attachable with a two piece rivet. solution.

Oh… and did I mention that there is wide variety colored caps you can put over the heads of these.

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    we are the largest manufacturer of busway in china with a big demand of rivets each year.hope to get cooperated with your company for the supply.
    looking forward to hearing from you to discuss the details

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