“Orlock Rivet” Before and After Pics

Why Blue Pneumatic will make a difference: The story continues . . .
Recently, we set out to solve a rivet problem, that until 6 months ago, could not be solved. We were faced with
a reputable, internationally know, Bus manufacturer  who had major leaking in the “drip rail” of  the bus. Let me show you how we approached and solved the rivet problem. By the way, the problem started because the customer was using inferior, multi-grip ( Avex sylyle rivets) in this application.  A good rivet but incorrectly applied.

Transit Bus on assembly line.

Rain gutter riveted to frame of the Bus.


Mock up of “rain gutter” aka “drip rail” removed from Bus.


Leaky inconsistant multi-grip rivets.
(Caused $14,000 in warranty
Consistent “Orlock” rivets with backside
flange and positive pin retention sealed
out the water.
Positively retained pin can be visually inspected from outside the workpiece!

In short, this excerpt in an engineering summary. I invite you to share your stories relating engineering challenges that you may be facing, or are facing now!


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2 Responses to ““Orlock Rivet” Before and After Pics”

  1. ramesh Says:

    i am associating with ornit in india, these input will be very much useful to suppliment some of
    Bus body builders who could take this as useful tip for application of this special rivet
    besides in india the rivet can be one of generic term they use for any type so any special application
    of these will be welcoming one. it reminds me almost 10 years back i did i riveting work for rain gutter with a closed end rivet. and the orbolt for integral bus in india.

  2. http://andcarinsurancequotes.com Says:

    Some times its a pain in the ass to read what people wrote but this web site is real user genial!

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