Accu-Spin™ BP-600Qc

Now with new swiveling air inlet and ergonomic composite handle. BP-600Qc Rivet Nut tool offers the same features as the BP-350Qc. This model operates at 800 rpm for quick installations of smaller rivet nuts. Places 8-32, 10-24, 1/4-20 and M4, M5, and M6 rivet nuts. Recommended operating air pressure is 85-110 psi. Weight 2.8 lbs.

Quick change nose assembly. Available in 6-32 through 3/8-16.
* Spin-Spin tools use replaceable socket head cap screw.
* 3/8 air hose recommended for optimal performance

The spin-spin action places Rivet Nuts ranging from 1/4-20, 5/16-18, 3/8-16 and M6, M8, and M10 in steel and aluminum. It has a quick change nose assembly that easily snaps on and off to change to desired rivet nut sizes (BP-200Bc has B style nose assembly).

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