Power Micro BP-48V

Our Power Micro blind rivet gun is the smallest and most powerful riveter on the market. This rivet tool allows the operator to easily install blind rivets in spaces were access and space is limited. Our hydraulic Power Micro riveter installs 3/32, 1/8 and 5/32 blind rivets in all materials. More Power means this rivet tool also has the most impressive size to power ratio available anywhere. This rivet tool weighs in at 2.4 lbs and has 1760 lbs. of pulling force. The rivet gun comes with a vacuum powered mandrel collection system. This systems collects the spent rivet mandrels, which keeps them from damaging the product and polluting the work area. Also included are wrenches for service and oil applicator. Recommended operation pressure 85-100 psi. Weight 2.4 lbs.

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