Blind Rivets, Orlock Rivet the Total Installed Cost

This video illustrates how to manage the cost of assembly. In this case, the use of Orlock rivets
help reduce the “total installed cost” of the assembly. This process usually improves the look and function of the product being assembled too.


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2 Responses to “Blind Rivets, Orlock Rivet the Total Installed Cost”

  1. Arie Says:


    good job

  2. ramesh Says:

    i have query on orlock can this be used for thin sheet application such as 1.5+1.5 mm galvinised
    sheet which grip of 3 mm , in this case conventional riveting method of blind rivet is used
    the customer use a 4×10 mm rivet of steel in this case open ended one , he is using around 2000 nos per day, it quite good volume

    but my query is what is cost benefit if it can be done with orlock of same dia , will the cost come down by reducing the nos of rivet ( normal pop rivet is cost less compare to orlock)
    can there be a thumb rule says that orlock offers x % strength to the job compare to normal pop rivet. can you have some data on that.

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