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Fastener Application Account Manager

Monday, March 24th, 2014

We are seeking  a Developer of New  Fastener Applications  who has experience working with accounts large and medium. This person’s funtion will be to help our customers and pipeline prospects identify applications where specific fasteners can be used to improve their installed cost, cosmetics or product value etc. The ideal candidate will have significant experience in the fastener industry, but this is not required. This person would need to operate within our proven, turn-key process for engaging, educating and  moving the client through the process toward adoption of a special fastener product.  This applicant must have the ability to maticulously maintain the details within the provided Client Management System. The Account manager prospect does not require technical skill. Those requirements are served through our specialist.  This person would set appointments, do quotes and  maintain the correspondence with customer.

This person will collaborate with our Technical Specialists  in educating and  developing new clients.  In addition, this position is expected to have polished writing skills as well as possess strong communication skills in presentations and meetings.


  • Arrange online meetings with customer and Blue Pneumatic Technical Specialist.
  • Use Blue Pneumatic digital tools to educate customers on features and benefits of a specific proposed fastener.
  • Maintain the neccessary follow up to see the customer through the  entire cycle from introduction to adoption.




Just Keep Making Cool Stuff With Rivets. Truck FUEL Tank Straps.

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

We look all over the web to find cool fuel tank straps. Well we really could not find anything. Lets make this short and sweet. We know a Stainless Steel truck accessories designer/manufacturer that…


Really gets how to make beautifully designed stainless steel truck accessories! How about this SS FUEL TANK STRAP!!!



Peterbuilt Truck After-Market Grill Accessory Mock Up Part 2 of 3

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

 This is the “before Pic “of a troublesome rivet application(a look at the blind side):

Before rivet solution: 3/16 stainless steel open end, non-structural blind rivets.


1. Rivets are too loose, causing the louvers to flex and allow the grill to callapse

side-ways and come out of alignment. This creates the illusion to the customer that the grill does not fit

When they try to mount new grill.

2. Vibration causes rivets to pop out after a year or so of use(its a non-structural rivet).

3. Rivets dramatically loosen over time, starting after installation.

Blind Rivet-The Mock-up-Orlock Rivets

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

This video illustrates the importance of assembling a “cut-away” mock-up to
evaluate a new Orlock blind rivet solution. The Mock-up is essential to use because it is a 3 dimensional representation of what “could be” in terms of a new and improved design. A new rivet, in this case, that saves time, money and improves product value or makes it safer.

Blind Rivet- Orlock Rivet Applications

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

This video shows a variety of Orlock and Blue Pneumatic Fastening Systems rivet applications.

Blind Rivets-Orlock Rivet Basics- How They Work

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

The video shows the basic operation of the Orlock Blind Rivet from Blue Pneumatic Fastening Systems. The video illustrates the unique front and
backside load bearing-distributing surfaces. These rivets also feature extra long grip ranges that allow them to replace many “threaded” fasteners like nuts and bolt. The extra long lengths aka “grip ranges” make them unique to North America and revolutionary at this time.

Blind Rivets, Orlock Rivet the Total Installed Cost

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

This video illustrates how to manage the cost of assembly. In this case, the use of Orlock rivets
help reduce the “total installed cost” of the assembly. This process usually improves the look and function of the product being assembled too.

Pop Rivet Style and Orlock Stuctural Rivet

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

I love the invention of Pop Rivets aka blind rivets. They can provide superior fastening solutions. This orlock rivet has taken some great features from the Pop brand of “blind rivet” and done something new and innovative. This  rivet, which is called and Orlock blind rivet, has a back side flange. Notice how it forms a washer-like flange on the back, providing a large “footprint” on the blind side of the workpiece. Revolutionary idea because distributes the clamping load of the rivet over a wider surface area, like a nut and bolt can. All this, even if you can’t see or reach the blind side to put the nut on. Cool.

Orlock Rivets…Unique Features and Benefits

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

If you are not sure how the Orlock rivet system works… Check out this video. You have to see it with you own eyes to appreciate it!

Orlock Rivets…Unique Features and Benefits

“Orlock Rivet” Before and After Pics

Thursday, August 27th, 2009
Why Blue Pneumatic will make a difference: The story continues . . .
Recently, we set out to solve a rivet problem, that until 6 months ago, could not be solved. We were faced with
a reputable, internationally know, Bus manufacturer  who had major leaking in the “drip rail” of  the bus. Let me show you how we approached and solved the rivet problem. By the way, the problem started because the customer was using inferior, multi-grip ( Avex sylyle rivets) in this application.  A good rivet but incorrectly applied.

Transit Bus on assembly line.

Rain gutter riveted to frame of the Bus.


Mock up of “rain gutter” aka “drip rail” removed from Bus.


Leaky inconsistant multi-grip rivets.
(Caused $14,000 in warranty
Consistent “Orlock” rivets with backside
flange and positive pin retention sealed
out the water.
Positively retained pin can be visually inspected from outside the workpiece!

In short, this excerpt in an engineering summary. I invite you to share your stories relating engineering challenges that you may be facing, or are facing now!