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5 Really Powerful Reasons You Should Invest in a Blind Rivet Gun

Monday, November 25th, 2013

Whether you need a blind rivet gun for small, hard to reach areas or a big and powerful tool to complete a construction scale project, this tool is an indispensable part of any man’s kit. There is an extensive selection of these tools available today, ranging from small and compact hand guns to bigger, heavier weight tools with a lot of pulling power. If you don’t own one yet, here are five powerful reasons that you should.

1. Blind Rivet Guns Are Heavy Duty Tools

The pulling force of these tools can range from as little as just over 1500 lbs to over 7000 libs, depending on the size. If you need a hydraulic or air tool that packs a lot of punch, blind rivet guns are well worth investigating.

2. They Can Be Used On Any Material

Because they are heavy duty, penetrating tools, they can be used relatively easily on any type of material. If you purchase a really powerful tool, you should be able to place most rivets accurately and quickly with only one stroke of the gun.


3. They Are Hardworking and Long Lasting

Even when they are used frequently or on big jobs, blind rivet guns work hard and last for a long time. That means, if you have two tools that you can’t decide between and are tempted to buy the cheaper one just to save a bit of money, it might be more cost-effective to pay a little more and get a lifetime’s use from it.

4. Most Blind Rivet Guns Include Nose Pieces

For first-timers, nosepieces can make using the tool very easy. If you haven’t used one before, make sure you buy a pack with nosepieces that include 1/8, 5/32, 3/16 and ¼ bits. This way, even if you don’t know which size you need to complete the job, you have all the pieces you need to work it out. An oil applicator and wrenches can make services and maintenance easier at home.

5. They Have an Impressive Power To Weight Ratio

Of course, the most powerful tool is always the most desirable, but it usually means the tool is heavier and harder to use. You need to find a balance between finding the tool that makes the job quickest, without draining you completely, in terms of your budget or your physical energy. This means you need to choose a tool that allows you to insert most blind rivets in only one stroke, while being easy to handle and manage.


5 Simple Tips to Help You Find an Affordable and Effective Rivet Nut Tool

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Whether you use a rivet nut tool occasionally or often as part of your work, investing in a high quality tool will ensure that it lasts. When you are working with structural materials and you need to work quickly, a high quality tool will take a lot of the strain out of the physical work and allow you to fly through the job. The good news is there are plenty of affordable rivet nut tools out there that do the work quickly and efficiently. Here are five simple tips to help you find them:

1. Make Sure the Tool Has One-Touch Functionality

If you only need to press one button to get the fastener to spin on, then most of the work is done for you. When you have a big project to work on, or one that requires you to spend many hours toiling over something complex, one-touch functionality will make it quicker and simpler. All you will need to do afterwards is pull the fastener and then spin the rivet nut out of the fastener when you pull the release button.

2. A Quick Setting Cycle Speeds Things Up

If you choose a fast setting cycle (of around 2 seconds) you are likely to experience less thread deformation, and require fewer rivet nuts to do the job.

3. Choose a Rivet Nut Tools That Is Fully Adjustable

A fully adjustable tool will allow for more accurate rivet nut placements. It also makes the tool ideal for people who are less experienced or skilled. Adjustability allows you to adjust the stroke quickly and easily.

4. Make Sure the Mandrels are Included

The tools you choose should have a selection of different sized mandrels so you have everything you need to get started. This is especially important if you are a beginner.


5. The Rivet Nut Tool Should Be Powerful but Light

A pulling force of around 6800 lbs is more than adequate for most home do it yourself jobs. The tool you select should also be lightweight, however, so that it is easy to use. If you have a big project to finish and you use a heavy tool, it can get extremely tiring and take a lot longer to finish. If you are using the tool for industrial or construction scale projects, it might be worthwhile looking into a tool that has a counter-weight option, which can help to overcome user fatigue.