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Video Demo-BP-82E Lockbolt All-In-One (For Huck and Avdel Bolts)

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

The BP-82E Lockbolt All-In-One installs Huck and Avdel Lockbolts. This tool uses 5500 lbs. of pulling force to install Magnagrip and Maxlok pin and collar fasteners. The BP-82E sets 3/16 and 1/4 lockbolts, which includes Huck C6L and Magnagrip and Avdel Cherry Texron Avdelok and Maxlok.

This Huckbolt tool is ideal for many truck and trailer repair applications. It is also designed to install the C98LT stainless steel polished Huck bolts used on the Peterbilt Truck Cab grills. This style of tool is often referred to as a Huck tool.

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The Perfect Storm- Peterbuilt Truck Cab and Transfer Trailer; Huck Bolt Guns are Handy

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

This is a pic of a peterbuilt hood that was just reassembled with Huck Bolts. The 3/16 stainless steel Huck Pins and collars were used here and installed using a BP-82E Lockbolt All-In-One tool (This style of tool is commonly referred to as a Huck Tool or Huck Gun). The second half of the perfect storm is this transfer trailer. This trailer hauls materials like trash and fertilizer and other materials. They usually have walking floors, also known as automatic unloading systems. They use 3/16 steel pins to hold the light-weight aluminum panels together.